2019 Reserve Study

The level 3 reserve study for 2019 is now posted in the Documents section of Darby Estates’s website. For your convenience, it is also available here: 2019 Reserve Study

This document advises the Association on the amount of money that needs to be set aside in a reserve account in order to meet future financial obligations related to the maintenance of community assets across the Darby Estates property. The Board of Directors is committed to keeping the reserve account adequately funded in order to meet these forecast expenses. For more information, please review the Baseline and Fully-funded models contained within the document.

President’s Message

Hello Darby Estates Community Member,

The Board has already completed much this year, and we are excited for the additional work that will be completed throughout 2018. We continue our work reviewing policies, contracts, and processes to ensure that all Darby Estates Condominium Owners Association (DECOA) funds and volunteered time is used efficiently and to the benefit of the community.

Whether you are an owner or a renter, this is your community. We want all residents to be informed and involved. First, I invite you to check out darbyhoa.org to see the completed migration of our Darby Estates website. Here you can find resources like contact information or governing policies and be sure to look for the occasional important announcement. Another easy way to be involved is by attending our quarterly and annual meetings to hear about the completed, in progress, and upcoming projects. The last way to keep yourself informed is through email. Please take a moment to ensure that our Community Association Management team from Windermere and the Board has the correct contact information for you.

The final way to stay informed is to be involved. The DECOA board needs your support to continue with our new committee work. If you have time and are willing to help with any of the 2018 committees please let us know. We welcome input and involvement from all community members that live or own a unit at Darby Estates.

On behalf of the entire DECOA Board, I invite you to join us in this most important year by getting involved and contributing to the exciting work happening here at Darby.

All the best,
Caleb Clapp
2018 DECOA President

Owners/Renters Reminder

The unit entry door, unit windows, and the water pipes in the walls of every unit are the property of the Darby Estates Condominium Association. The outer finish of our doors is damaged when anything is glued, taped, nailed, or screwed onto them. They are also damaged by abrasion from cargo, bikes, wheelchairs, etc.

Board sponsored inspections of many areas of our property in 2018 will identify any such damages to help us keep our community looking nice. Our Rules and Regulations have not been enforced in years and are currently under review. The plan is for the revision and simplification to be made available to everyone in January of 2018.

A date will be set after finalization to stringently begin enforcing and levy fines to protect the appearance, property value, and environment for everyone here at Darby.

2018 Meetings

Beginning in January 2018, we are switching from monthly to quarterly meetings. These meeting dates are scheduled as follows:

  • January 15th
  • April 16th
  • July 16th
  • October 15th

Budget meeting will be held October 8th, with the AMG on November 19th.  Quarterly meetings are switching to a closed floor format in the interest of productive use of time and efficiency. If owners have items to add to the agenda to be discussed by the Board, please submit by email no less than 7 days prior to scheduled meeting.

Each committee will also have the responsibility and opportunity to report and share progress and findings at each meeting. The January 15th meeting is the only exception where we will still allow owners to present their topic by requesting it on the sign-in sheet prior to the start of the meeting.

Help Prevent Water Damage

Your board of directors is asking for your help in preventing water damage to your unit and the ones surrounding it. Owners are responsible for all damages connected with you ignoring the following items:

  1. Washing machine hoses and washers can work loose, weaken and split, letting water begin as small drips that over time become a flood damaging units around you. To prevent this replace the hose with one that is steel-belted and woven. (Approximate cost of $15-$20).
  2. Hot water heaters can be a BIG disaster for everyone living around you. The “useful and expected” life of water heaters is 10 years. Darby’s originals are now 12+ years and only 9 of the 228 owners have replaced theirs. Additionally, the builder did not place “drip pans” under the HW heaters. If your heater fails and damages other units you are responsible. Your Board of Directors did not raise Association dues for 2018, and have passed Resolution #2017-01 for owners to replace these original HW heaters in 2018. You must furnish written documentation by November 1, 2018, to the Association Management Company when this Resolution is complied with.
  3. All residents (owner or renter) please check on a regular basis to be sure sinks, showers, dishwashers and garbage disposals are not leaking. Also make sure these hoses are connected tightly. If you hear or discover a leak (drips that don’t shut off) call your plumber immediately. Now that the below 32 degree cold weather is here, leave cupboard doors open at night to prevent freezing. REMEMBER, a leak on the 2nd or 3rd floor can result in repairs of $19-25,000 or more to repair, as we have experienced in the last 2 years. Washing machine hoses, age of equipment, and drip pans are all items that are used in determining the settlements of insurance claims. Your board of directors will be seeking bids to see if group pricing is available on hot water heater replacement.

President’s Welcome

Hello Darby Estates Community Member,

It is with passion, vision, and some well-founded optimism that I have accepted the responsibility of serving as the 2018 Board President. It is an honor to serve the needs of our diverse association members.

With the help of our new Community Association Management team from Windermere, your DECOA Board is set for a year of proactive planning and project completion. We will also continue to improve the way we operate as a board and association to ensure that everyone who volunteers their time now and in the future will be able to make a meaningful impact for the benefit of this community.

The 2018 year will be spent evaluating our current contracts, policies, the condition of our common areas, and making project plans for the 2019 budget and beyond. To achieve this, we will coordinate with third-party inspectors and consultants to collect comprehensive information for long-term planning decisions. We will also empower volunteer committees to evaluate complex projects and discuss their recommendations with the board.

Our goal this year is to build an intentional network of local partners by applying expert council and prior experiences to a foundation of operational efficiency in order to support the long-term stability of all DECOA Members’ investments. On behalf of the entire DECOA Board, I invite you to join us in this most important year by getting involved and contributing to the exciting work happening here at Darby.

All the best,
Caleb Clapp
2018 DECOA President

Calling for Committee Volunteers

Looking for a way to be involved and make your voice be heard?  We are seeking volunteers to serve on committees directly related to many of the 2018 projects necessary here at Darby Estates. Please contact your Board of Directors if you are interested in stepping up for any of the following committees:
  1. Landscaping
  2. Lighting
  3. Safety
  4. Events
  5. Maintenance Building
  6. Cleaning Project
  7. Re-purposing

This year’s Board Members are:

  • Caleb Clapp, President
  • Erin Christopher, Vice President
  • Thelma Darling, Treasurer
  • Cheryl Kochevar, Secretary
  • Kat Carroll, Member at Large

Email: board.decoa@gmail.com