Please refer to the Declarations, Bylaws and Rules & Regulations for complete information.

How are monthly assessments determined?
Monthly assessments are based on a budget adopted by the Board. Future budgets will be subject to ratification at meetings at which all owners are invited to vote.

What is the speed limit on Darby Drive?
The speed limit in our community is TEN (10) miles per hour.

Can I store my RV in Darby Estates?
Recreational vehicle storage is not permitted in Darby Estates. Recreational vehicles are not permitted on the property at any time with the exception of loading or unloading, which is not to exceed 4 hours. The term Recreational Vehicle includes boats, campers, trailers, off-road vehicles and the like.

Are homeowners’ utilities paid by Darby Estates?
Each unit’s electricity is paid directly to the power company by the unit owner. It is the unit owner’s responsibility to contact the local utility company to set up your account for electricity.

Who handles trash or recycle removal?
Each owner shall be responsible for removing all trash or garbage from the owner’s unit on a weekly basis in the garbage/recycle bins provide at designated disposal locations.
Trash and garbage is picked up by Sanitary Services on Wednesdays, mixed paper is picked up on Thursdays and glass/cans are picked up on Fridays.  There is a $500 fine for construction debris placed in Darby garbage dumpsters.

Are there guidelines for pets?
Domestic household pets, such as dogs, cats and birds, are permitted. Owners are allowed two pets maximum.

Do I need smoke detectors in my unit?
All units come furnished with hardwired smoke detectors, but it the responsibility of each resident to replace backup batteries as needed when they chirp.

Can I change the exterior of my unit?
No alteration may be made to the exterior appearance of the unit. This includes satellite dishes, screen doors, air conditioners, decorations, awnings and the like. No pet doors may be installed. Retractable screen doors are permitted with Board approval. Nothing may be affixed to the exterior surface of a building that will in any way compromise the water resistant design of the buildings’ envelope.

Are there other restrictions on unit appearances?
No unsightly condition is permitted in public or owner view from any common area, any building or its limited common area. For example, no posters or For Sale signage in windows or on community grounds.

Can I use my unit as a timeshare?
No. Timesharing of any unit as defined in Revised Code of Washington, Chapter 64.34 is prohibited.

What are the Association Manager’s responsibilities?
CWD Group Management has been hired by the Board of Directors to be the Association’s Managing Agent, or Association Manager. The responsibilities of the Association Manager include, but are not limited to, assisting in the day-to-day affairs of the Association, being the first contact for most Association issues, advising the Board and owners, and keeping the Association’s books and records.

Can I be fined for not following the Rules and Regulations?
The Board, to enforce the Regulations, may levy monetary fines of $100 for the second notice of a violation and $200 for the third notice for a violation.  There is a $50 fine for large items (mattresses, couches, carpeting) left outside of the dumpster.  There is $100 fine for any smoking paraphernalia in the common areas.  Subsequent violations will be subject to fines or other appropriate action at the discretion of the Board.