Block Watch

A Block Watch is simply a group of concerned citizens that have organized, gotten to know one another, and have decided to use problem-solving to better their neighborhood. They decide that their neighborhood is not going to be a place that allows criminal activity. They consciously decide to look out for one another, just like in the “good old days,” and work to reduce crime in their areas of control. Knowing those around you is an essential part of a successful Block Watch. Increased communication leads to decreased crime.

Always keep in mind this is YOUR home, YOUR neighborhood, and YOUR community! Much of your personal safety, your family’s safety, and that of your neighborhood depends on your active participation in the crime prevention effort.

ALL residents of Darby Estates are welcome and encouraged to join our Block Watch. If you have experience in crime prevention and/or Block Watch organization or want to volunteer or just get more information, please contact the Board of Directors.

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