2018 Meetings

Budget meeting will be held October 8th, with the AGM (Annual General Meeting) on November 19th.  Quarterly meetings are switching to a closed floor format in the interest of productive use of time and efficiency. If owners have items to add to the agenda to be discussed by the Board, please submit by email no less than 7 days prior to scheduled.

Board of Directors

President: Thelma Darling
Vice President: Anthony Whitchurch
Secretary:  Kat Carroll
Treasurer:  Jenny Chang
Member at Large:  Angela Senatore


Grounds Committee:
Board Member, Thelma Darling
Committee Chair, Patty Clifton

Parking Committee:

Resident Relations:

506 Maintenance Building:
Board Member, Thelma Darling, Anthony Whitchurch
Committee Chair, Tom Darling

Committee Chair, Rita Rukashaza

Committee Chair, Lori Kale

Block Watch/Safety:
Board Member, Kat Carroll
Committee Chair, Position Open

We are always looking for volunteers who are willing to contribute to the success of our community.  If you would like to volunteer to be on the Board or a committee, please contact CWD Group Management or the Board of Directors.

Board Email Address: