Author: Karen Burroughs

Owners/Renters Reminder

The unit entry door, unit windows, and the water pipes in the walls of every unit are the property of the Darby Estates Condominium Association. The outer finish of our doors is damaged when anything is glued, taped, nailed, or screwed onto them. They are also damaged by abrasion from cargo, bikes, wheelchairs, etc. Board… Read more »

2018 Meetings

Beginning in January 2018, we are switching from monthly to quarterly meetings. These meeting dates are scheduled as follows: January 15th April 16th July 16th October 15th Budget meeting will be held October 8th, with the AMG on November 19th.  Quarterly meetings are switching to a closed floor format in the interest of productive use… Read more »

Help Prevent Water Damage

Your board of directors is asking for your help in preventing water damage to your unit and the ones surrounding it. Owners are responsible for all damages connected with you ignoring the following items: Washing machine hoses and washers can work loose, weaken and split, letting water begin as small drips that over time become… Read more »

President’s Welcome

Hello Darby Estates Community Member, It is with passion, vision, and some well-founded optimism that I have accepted the responsibility of serving as the 2018 Board President. It is an honor to serve the needs of our diverse association members. With the help of our new Community Association Management team from Windermere, your DECOA Board… Read more »

Calling for Committee Volunteers

Looking for a way to be involved and make your voice be heard?  We are seeking volunteers to serve on committees directly related to many of the 2018 projects necessary here at Darby Estates. Please contact your Board of Directors if you are interested in stepping up for any of the following committees: Landscaping Lighting… Read more »