President’s Message

Kat Carroll and I returned to the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting to finish out our

Elected Terms.  You, the owners, elected three new members, Rebecca McLean, Andre Avondstondt (who since has resigned for personal reasons) and Anthony (Tony) Whitechurch.  Andre has now been replaced by Patty Clifton to finish out the year.  Other good news is thirty units sold during 2018 and we now have one hundred sixty-two owner family occupied units.

Our biggest project for 2019 will be working with our attorney to implement the needed areas of the new condo law that went into effect July 1, 2018 (WUCIOA).  The FHA Certificate is up for renewal for mortgage lending and we need to pass a rental cap to help insure you as owners, when you want to sell, can get reasonable financing.  Also we will continue to work toward a fully funded Reserve Fund according to the new law.

We will be moving forward to complete some much needed repairs to the gutters, sidewalks, decks, the south pond, and cleaning out, finishing the trim work, painting and installing blinds on the windows in the Building 506, (known as the maintenance building).  There will be other new projects that will come up.  Our Grounds Committee will continue working to maintain our planters at the entrances of each building as well as our “lavender garden” in the upper courtyard. All of this is in following our mission statement to keep you safe, take care of our properties, and protect your property values.

We are developing an Events Committee to help “build an active community” here in Darby Estates with activities such as garage sales put on with the 506 Building Committee, bingo parties, workshops, speakers on subjects that affect us all and an annual BBQ for all our residents.  We are open to new volunteers and new ideas.

Thelma Darling, President

Darby Estates Condominium Owners Association