President’s Welcome

Hello Darby Estates Community Member,

It is with passion, vision, and some well-founded optimism that I have accepted the responsibility of serving as the 2018 Board President. It is an honor to serve the needs of our diverse association members.

With the help of our new Community Association Management team from Windermere, your DECOA Board is set for a year of proactive planning and project completion. We will also continue to improve the way we operate as a board and association to ensure that everyone who volunteers their time now and in the future will be able to make a meaningful impact for the benefit of this community.

The 2018 year will be spent evaluating our current contracts, policies, the condition of our common areas, and making project plans for the 2019 budget and beyond. To achieve this, we will coordinate with third-party inspectors and consultants to collect comprehensive information for long-term planning decisions. We will also empower volunteer committees to evaluate complex projects and discuss their recommendations with the board.

Our goal this year is to build an intentional network of local partners by applying expert council and prior experiences to a foundation of operational efficiency in order to support the long-term stability of all DECOA Members’ investments. On behalf of the entire DECOA Board, I invite you to join us in this most important year by getting involved and contributing to the exciting work happening here at Darby.

All the best,
Caleb Clapp
2018 DECOA President